Why we print.



I want to welcome you to the Pressurrection WordPress site!


I’ve been letterpress printing for just over a year now, and have fallen completely in love with everything about the process and the art of it! In just a short amount of time I have gotten to meet so many other amazing printers and have gotten to experience the community they form here in Portland, Oregon. I have become a member of it myself as a volunteer supervisor at the Independent ¬†Publishing Resource Center’s (IPRC) letterpress print studio where I get to help others learn and experience letterpress for themselves.

Shortly after obtaining this position, Michael D’lesandro (our shop steward at the IPRC) and I had a conversation about how inspiring the letterpress community here in Portland is and quickly dreamed up the concept of putting on a show that would display the talent that Portland has and why we choose to print in the digital age. We want to gain exposure not just for the community, the art produced, and the printers that produced it, but also for the efforts of our non-profit organization, the IPRC, where people can produce their own printed media for very reasonable rates. (The link to the IPRC is on the ‘Show” page). We ask that you consider participating, not only by displaying your work, but by donating ten additional prints that we will sell at the show(and through it’s duration) for $10/print. These funds will help us by supplies such as ink, but also to invest into acquiring new presses, typefaces, and drying racks.

Stay in touch and keep up the good work!




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